Finding the location of the actual weather report used

To my understanding, when weather data outputs for a certain point [longitude, latitude] it comes from a different point that is close to the original point. Is there a way for me to find out the coordinates for the point at which the weather actually comes from?

Feels like / wind chill Temperature

on the real time weather call, could you add a value of feels like temperature or wind chill temperature? Those would be nice to have. I don’t see anything in return values that mirror that.


when calling real time weather with the location of ZIP Code equals 63376 the service returns the relatives humidity of nine (9) which is incorrect for this area

Definition of returned values?

Where do I find a definition of the values returned by realtime / forecast API calls?

Any SAML 2.0 integration possible?

Hi there, I wrote to [email protected] to ask about if there's any SAML 2.0 integration (Google Workspace, Okta,...) existing to manage users and other fields, but didn't get any response. Can somebody help me out on this one? Thanks

How do I generate legends for weather overlays?

I have used <> to find some of the legends, but in order to use that tool to create more (e.g. a legend for Sea Current Speed) I need to find the information that relates the colors in the tile to the speed. Where in the docs can this be found?

Rate limiting statistics

Hi, How do I access the rate limiting data as mentioned in the documentation: - X-RateLimit-Limit-day - X-RateLimit-Limit-hour - etc. They are not in the response header ```json {'Date': 'Wed, 26 Apr 2023 12:08:47 GMT', 'Content-Type': 'application/json; charset=utf-8', 'Transfer-Encoding': 'chunked', 'Connection': 'keep-alive', 'X-Correlation-Id': 'd1c4ab4b-9626-447b-b470-5570fd2851d1', 'X-Db-Credits-Cost': '3', 'X-Request-Id': '50a3248f-d620-4d26-901e-84abf5538906', 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin': '*', 'X-Moesif-Transaction-Id': '20218263-e527-4815-a6f2-a745313f0448', 'X-Kong-Upstream-Latency': '64', 'X-Kong-Proxy-Latency': '330', 'Content-Encoding': 'gzip', 'Via': '1.1 google', 'CF-Cache-Status': 'DYNAMIC', 'Server': 'cloudflare', 'CF-RAY': '7bdeb68bc96ed2b0-CDG'} ```