One thing that sets the REST Weather API apart is our ability to rapidly support emerging climate- and weather-related use cases and get them to production quickly. As our REST weather API evolves with new data points, our first focus is always on developer satisfaction.

When we make an addition to our API we will post it in our Change Log

Backward Compatible Changes

The version will not be incremented when we do one of the following:

  • Add attributes to returned JSON objects
  • Add non-required query/body parameters
  • Change the default number of items returned in a single page request.
  • Change error messages or type texts.

Backward Incompatible Changes

The version will be incremented when we do one of the following:

  • Add required query/body parameters
  • Change the data types of attributes/parameters (e.g. string to Array, number to string, etc.)
  • Remove attributes to returned JSON objects
  • Remove query/body parameters that already exist

If we ever do run into a fringe case where any of the above updates need to be made (which has yet to happen), we will notify all customers far in advance of the update and in appropriate cases will provide a transition plan to affected customers.


The best way to build against the REST Weather API and account for these additions is to be as “tolerant” as possible by ignoring attributes/parameters that aren’t necessary and not parsing everything into strongly typed objects. If this isn’t feasible for your project or if you’re running into issues with this based on your specific stack or environment please let us know so we can talk through any other potential solutions.

Please let us know if you have any feedback on our update process or our product roadmap.