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Improve Business Operations

Whether you’re aiming to ensure employee safety, alert customers of future weather events, or incorporate more reliable weather data in your own software application, the Weather API offers a comprehensive collection of ultra-accurate data organized into endpoints for the utmost ease-of-use and efficiency.

Plan your operations
Use weather forecast to view the future and how the weather will impact your operation, infrastructure, and service areas.
Validate & research historical data
Analyze past events for trends and patterns in order to optimize future operations, validate weather impact, and how your business performance was affected.
Make better decisions through insights
Set rules and thresholds over weather data to gain business insights and focus on what matters the most when making decisions.
Bring weather data to life with custom visualizations
Visualize weather data on your app and website to provide a highly accurate, custom view of weather conditions.
Prepare for the next weather event
Generate proactive alerts for weather events before they happen to better prepare and mitigate risks around unique conditions, hazards, and more.
Fly, drive, and sail safely
Know what to expect along navigation routes to avoid shipping delayed and increase the safety of your team, customers, and cargo.

Featured Recipes

Build Your Own Weather App With One Call

Climatic forecast of >80 data points up to 15 days out and 6 hours back, all within a single API call.

Visualize global precipitation on a map

Take viewers on a virtual journey with precipitation data 6 hours out and up to 6 hours back.

Set up severe weather alerts around a geofence

Get government agencies' weather warnings pushed to your webhook endpoint as soon as they are published.

/Alerts /Locations
[Aviation] - Use historical weather data for post ops analytics

Use the Historical API to build a retrospection tool and explore how weather events affected your aviation operations in the past.

[Logistics] - Optimize operations to meet SLAs with historical weather insights

Leverage the historical API to explore how weather events impacted your delivery schedules and operations

[Energy] - Build your outage retrospection tool using historical weather data

Use the Historical API to build a retrospection tool that can help you explore how weather events have historically impacted outages.