Historical API

Tomorrow.io's Historical Weather API allows you to query weather conditions (limited to historical data layers ]) by specifying the location (GeoJSON of a Point, LineString or Polygon), fields ("temperature", "windSpeed", ...), timesteps ("1h", "1d") and the startTime and endTime, such that the response include a historical timeline.


All UsersPolygon/Polyline UsersToken System Users
Timerange is limited to up to 31 days per API call.Polygon - 10,000 square km and no more than 70km per segment.10 fields per api call
Polyline - 2,000 km long.
Max number of vertices - 550.

If the location is a Polygon or a Polyline, you can specify whether you want the min/max/avg values throughout that coverage area by adding them as a suffix to any of the available fields (temperatureMax, temperatureMaxTime) and if not specified the response will default to Max.

The historical archive is based on a reanalysis model that blends past short-range weather forecasts with observations through advanced data assimilation techniques. The historical archive data deviates from the recent historical data -7 days since it is based on a different observation data assimilation system that incorporates a larger set of final observational records.
Please note that our reanalysis model takes between 7 to 90 days to calculate the data fields. Please see the historical data field Availability.