Weather Timelines

The Timeline endpoints will allow you to query weather conditions (from any of the data layers in their current plan) by specifying the location, fields ("precipitationIntensity", "pollenTree", ...), timesteps ("best", "1m", "1h", "1d", ...) and the startTime and endTime, such that the response includes multiple timelines, one for each timestep - all within a single call to the REST Weather API.

Polygon and Polyline limits:

  • Polygon - 500 square km and no more than 70km per segment.
  • Polyline - 70 km long.
  • Max number of vertices - 550.

Retrieve Timelines "Basic" is a query param API call. It only works for lat/long location types.

If you have a geoJSON location (GeoJSON of a Point, LineString or Polygon), use the Retrieve Timelines (Advanced). This is a body param API call.

If the location is a Polygon or a Polyline, you can specify whether you want the min/max/avg values throughout that coverage area by adding them as a suffix to any of the available fields (precipitationIntensityMax), and if not specified the response will default to Max.