The Tomorrow.io REST Weather API floods insight category will trigger for any of the events below.

Coastal Floods (Warning/Advisory/Watch/Statement)

Issued when moderate to major coastal flooding, such that would potentially pose a serious risk to life and property.

Flash Flood (Watch/Warning/Statement)

Issued when conditions are favorable for flash flooding.

Flood (Warning/Advisory/Watch/Statement)

Issued when conditions are favorable for flooding.

River Flood (Watch/Warning)

Issued when river flooding is possible at one or more forecast points along a river.

Hydrologic (Outlook)

Issued when a flood potential exists.

Aereal Flood (Watch/Warning)

Issued to inform public if general area wide flooding is expected.

Urban and Small Stream Flood (Advisory)

Issued to provide information on elevated river/stream flows or ponding of water in urban or other areas.

Lakeshore Flood (Warning/Advisory/Watch/Statement)

Issued when the inundation of land areas along is over and above normal lake level. Lakeshore flooding intensities range from minor water overflow, with little or no damage, to significant water overflow, with extensive inundation and severe beach erosion. Lakeshore flooding is highly dependent on local coastline topography and nearshore bathymetry.