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We're proud and humbled to list publicly available tools and services that have been created by the Tomorrow.io developer community. They are split up into four main categories:

Some of these projects, marked with official, are maintained as part of the Tomorrow.io API GitHub organization by our very own team. Contributors, feedback and requests are always more than welcome.

js-Tomorrow.io-apiWrapper for NodeJS and Browser environmentsJavaScript
psTomorrow.ioDesktop program utilizing System.Text.JsonVB.NET
botPlug and play Telegram botPython
dashboardPHP and JavaScript
garmin-wind-speed-directionGarmin Edge Datafield showing wind direction and speed-
discord-nbotDiscord botPython
udi-Tomorrow.io-polyNode server for Tomorrow.io weather data in Polyglot V2Python
weather-stationWeather station running on Raspberry PiPython
domotiz-plugin-Tomorrow.ioV4Domoticz home automation system weather pluginPython
FitBit-WeatherNerd-WatchfaceFitbit watch face with forcast alertsJavaScript