Integrating your Flight Schedule

As part of our insight dashboard, we support visualization of flight schedules on monitored airports. We have the FAA SWIM scheduled flights already for the next 24 hours integrated into the platform for customers with flight schedules access. You can also integrate your own flight schedule into our platform to visualize takeoff and landing times in your insight dashboard and control the coverage and frequency of data updates.

Flight Schedule Display on Insights Dashboard

Integration Details:

To integrate your data it is required to expose an endpoint that can pull the data from.
The endpoint:

  1. Should accept GET request.
  2. Should accept an header param “tomorrowio-token” that will be provided to team for the integration security.
  3. Should return status code 200 with a json array, where each object in the array comply with the following schema:
Field Name Data TypeDescriptionSample ValueRequired
globalUniqueFlightIdentifierstringA unique identifier for each flight distinct from the flight number. It is specific to a proposed or airborne flight on a certain date. If you don’t have the global unique identifier, you can use any distinct string you want to be used upon update."XYZ12345ABC7890"Yes
departureAirportIcaostringThe ICAO code of the departure airport. Must be in uppercase letters."KBOS"*No
arrivalAirportIcaostringThe ICAO code of the arrival airport. Must be in uppercase letters."KJFK"*No
flightNumberstringThe flight number assigned by the airline."AA100"Yes
airlinestringThe name of the airline operating the flight."American Airlines"No
aircraftTypestringThe type of aircraft used for the flight."Boeing 737"No
updatedAtisostringThe timestamp indicating when the flight information was last updated."2023-12-15T10:00:00Z"Yes
estimateArrivalTimeisostringThe estimated arrival time of the flight."2023-12-15T12:30:00Z"**No
originalEstimatedArrivalTimeisostringThe original estimated arrival time of the flight before any updates."2023-12-15T12:00:00Z"**No
estimatedDepartureTimeisostringThe estimated departure time of the flight."2023-12-15T09:00:00Z"**No
originalEstimatedDepartureTimeisostringThe original estimated departure time of the flight before any updates."2023-12-15T08:30:00Z"**No
positionobjectThe current position of the aircraft, applicable only for airborne flights. Includes latitude and longitude.{ "type": "Point", "coordinates": [-71.060417, 42.358431] }No
headingdoubleThe aircraft's current heading/direction, applicable only for airborne flights.78.14259647369846No


*At least one of departureAirportIcao or arrivalAirportIcao is required.

**At least one of estimatedDepartureTime OR originalEstimatedDepartureTime is required to create a departure event. At least one of estimateArrivalTime OR originalEstimatedArrivalTime is required to create an arrival event.

Sample Data:

    "globalUniqueFlightIdentifier": "a754c8dd-8e76-43d2-9aa4-6ea4d2b3d426",
    "flightNumber": "FFT770",
    "airline": "FFT",
    "aircraftType": "GL5T",
    "updateTime": "2023-07-24T08:02:00.000Z",
    "arrivalAirportIcao": "KDEN",
    "departureAirportIcao": "KLAS",
    "estimateArrivalTime": "2023-07-23T09:35:00.000Z",
    "originalEstimatedArrivalTime": "2023-07-23T09:35:00.000Z",
    "originalEstimatedDepartureTime": "2023-07-23T08:02:00.000Z",
 "position": {
     "type": "Point",
     "coordinates": [
  "heading": 141.62266659538102,
    "globalUniqueFlightIdentifier": "91435e4b-85ba-4998-9b14-46b0bd01992d",
    "flightNumber": "SWA3301",
    "departureAirportIcao": "KMIA",
    "originalEstimatedDepartureTime": "2023-07-23T10:25:00.000Z",
    "updateTime": "2023-07-24T08:02:00.000Z"
    "globalUniqueFlightIdentifier": "91435e4b-85ba-4998-9b14-46b0bd01992d",
    "flightNumber": "SWA3301",
    "arrivalAirportIcao": "KMIA",
    "estimatedArrivalTime": "2023-07-23T10:25:00.000Z",
    "updateTime": "2023-07-24T08:02:00.000Z"

Please reach out to your account manager to complete the integration and provide with your endpoint details and authentication information.