Events API

This endpoint will allow you to query for weather events (from any of the data layers in your current plan) by specifying:

  • location - GeoJSON of a Point, LineString, or Polygon up to 10 Million square KM (limited to Severe Weather Events).
  • triggers - pre-defined categories like "fires" or custom Insight rules
  • buffer - KM around location, such that the response includes all values on observations or predictions.

Note that an Insight triggers can only be coupled with a Location that is currently monitored by an Alert.


An event object has the following attributes, in accordance with Common Alerting Protocols like the OASIS standard:

insightThe conditions that started the subject event - either an insightId or a pre-defined category like fires
startTimeThe expected time of the beginning of the subject event
endTimeThe expected time of the end of the subject event
updateTimeThe updated time of the subject event
severityThe code denoting the intensity of impact
certaintyThe code denoting the confidence in the observation or prediction
urgencyThe code denoting the time available to prepare
eventValuesIn addition to the common values listed below, certain event types may have distinct values - as described under the relevant Severe Weather section.

A brief human-readable description of the conditions that occasioned this event

The text identifying the source of the subject event, e.g., a met operator or a specific device/sensor

The location of the subject event, in a GeoJSON geometry format

The distance from the queried location (according to the precision), measures in KM

The direction from the queried location, measure in degrees counter-clockwise from due north

description (optional)
An extended, human-readable description of the hazard or event that occasioned this message

instruction (optional)
An extended, human-readable instruction to targeted recipients
triggerValuesThe sub-set of eventValues for which the subject event was resolved in the query.