The REST Weather API provides the following information:

FieldValues (Metric, Imperial)Availability

The “Lightning Flash Rate Density” product is the total cloud-cloud and cloud-ground instantaneous lightning flashes per unit time per unit area.

Important Note:
This product does not explicitly depict discrete lightning strikes, but is based on Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) parameters and serves as a proxy for where lightning is forecasted to occur by showing flashes per unit time per unit area.
Flashes per square km (km^-2 5-min^-1).

Flashes per square mi (fl mi^2 5-min^-1)
F: [0 hours, +90 hours]
I: T, I, M, R
S: ∧ ∨ ~ ⧖
Lightning Flash Rate Density Heatmap

Lightning Flash Rate Density Legend