The REST Weather API wind insight category will trigger for any of the events below.

High Wind (Watch/Warning)

Issued when in cases where there are:
(1) sustained winds of 40 mph or higher for one hour or more in valley locations
(2) sustained winds of 50 mph or higher and/or gusts of 75 mph or higher in mountain locations
(3) wind gusts of 58 mph or higher for any duration

Wind (Advisory)

Issued when there are expected conditions of sustained winds of 30 to 39 mph for an hour (or more) or wind gusts of 45 to 57 mph for any duration (not issued for mountain locations).

Extreme Wind (Warning)

Issued for surface winds of 100 knots (115 MPH) or greater associated with non-convective, downslope, derecho (NOT associated with a tornado), or sustained hurricane winds are expected to occur within one hour.